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Eco-friendly Evergreen tyres in Peterborough

Do you want to buy car tyres with a lifetime guarantee? Evergreen tyres are the right choice for you. Get in touch with the staff at Botolph Tyres Ltd today for a free estimate.

Need new tyres for your car?

Why not invest in our highly durable Evergreen tyres? Made of an advanced silica compound, these revolutionary tyres offer dynamic performance. When you choose Evergreen tyres, you'll get great fuel efficiency and exceptional value for money. Contact Botolph Tyres Ltd for the supply of Evergreen tyres in Peterborough and across Cambridgeshire.
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Choose Evergreen tyres for:

  • Great fuel efficiency
  • The impressive Tyre Life Guarantee
  • High durability
  • A huge choice in sizes
  • Safety in extreme weather conditions
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Authorised dealers of Evergreen tyres

Botolph Tyres Ltd is an authorised dealer of Evergreen tyres in the Woodston area. We stock a wide range of tyres for your vehicle. In addition, we undertake efficient tyre fitting services. 
Get in touch for a free estimate.

You can also contact us for wheel alignment and tyre fitting services.
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For the purchasing and fitting of Evergreen tyres in Peterborough, call Botolph Tyres Ltd on 01733 891 666
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